TAMU HCI Earns 5 Papers (1 Full, 3 SC, 1 Workshop) at IUI 2018

On March 7-11, 2018, TAMU HCI will be represented with 1 full paper, 3 student consortium papers, and 1 workshop paper the 23rd ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2018) in Tokyo, Japan. This year’s IUI 2018 conference serves as the premier international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces that intersect the fields of human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

Researchers from both the Mixed-Initiative Design Lab (MIDL) and Sketch Recognition Lab (SRL) will have the honor to share their research findings with their top IUI research peers. MIDL’s doctoral students Umema Hakimuddin Bohari and Ting-Ju Chen under Dr. Vinayak will present their latest work related to spatial interactions in the main track, while SRL’s doctoral students Josh Cheran and Raniero Lara-Garduno and master’s student Adil Hamid Malla will share their dissertation and thesis work with world-class research mentors in the student consortium. Lara-Garduno will also be presenting his project team’s intelligent piano keyboard interface at the IUI Intelligent Music Interfaces for Listening and Creation Workshop.

Please see the list of papers from TAMU HCI at IUI 2018, and check out their talks if you plan to be in Tokyo in early March.

Full Paper
“To Draw or Not to Draw: Stroke-Hover Intent Recognition in Bare-hand Mid-Air Curve Input”
U.H. Bohari, T.-J. Chen, Vinayak

Student Consortium Paper
“Automatic Recognition of Hygiene Activities and Personalized Interventions for Chronic Care”
J. Cherian

“Eye Tracking- Single Technology to Handle Multiple Domains”
A. Hamid Malla

“Machine Learning Behavioral Recognition to Support Neuropsychological Diagnosis of Cognitive Decline”
R. Lara-Garduno

Workshop Paper
“Lumanote: A Real-Time Interactive Music Composition Assistant”
J. Granger, M. Aviles, J. Kirby, A. Griffin, J. Yoon, R. Lara-Garduno, T. Hammond