TAMU HCI Receives 8 Full Papers at CHI 2018

The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018), premier international conference on human-computer interaction research, will be held April 21-26, 2018 in Montreal, Canada, and eight full papers that will be presented at CHI 2018 include representation by faculty and students from the TAMU HCI research community. See below for the list of those CHI 2018 full papers (bolded names are TAMU HCI researchers), and please check out their presentations if you are going to CHI 2018 in Montreal this April.

Paper: Queering Online Spaces: LGBT+ Performances Motivate Social Media Design
Carrasco, M., Kerne, A.

Paper: Wearables for Learning: Examining the Smartwatch as a Tool for Situated Science Reflection
Garcia, B., Chu, S.L., Nam, B., Bannigan, C.

Paper: Collaborative Live Media Curation: Shared Context for Participation in Online Learning
Hamilton, W.A., Lupfer, N., Botello, N., Tesch, T., Stacy, A., Merrill, J., Williford, B., Bentley, F.R., Kerne, A.

Paper: SpeechBubbles: Enhancing Captioning Experiences for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People in Group Conversations
Peng, Y.-H., Hsu, M.-W., Taele, P., Lin, T.-Y., Lai, P.-E., Hsu, L., Chen, T., Wu, T.-Y., Chen, Y.-A., Tang, H.-H., Chen, M.Y.

Paper: Balancing Privacy and Information Disclosure in Interactive Record Linkage with Visual Masking
Ragan, E., Kum, H.C., Ilangovan, G., and Wang, H.

Paper: Using Animation to Alleviate Overdraw in Multiclass Scatterplot Matrices
Chen, H., Engle, S., Joshi, A., Ragan, E., Yuksel, B., and Harrison, L.

Paper: ActiveErgo: Automatic and Personalized Ergonomics using Self-actuating Furniture
Wu, Y.C., Wu, T.Y., Taele, P., Wang, B., Liu, J.-Y., Lai, P.-E., Ku, P., Chen, M.Y.

Paper: A Design Framework for Awareness Cues in Distributed Multiplayer Games
Wuertz, J., Alharthi, S.A., Hamilton, W.A., Bateman, S., Gutwin, C., Tang, A., Toups, Z.O., Hammer, J.